Rusted-Metal Doors Repair
Rusted Frames Repair

Commercial Metal Door & Frame Repairs

Dedicated Team of Commercial and Industrial Door and Frame Repair Technicians

It takes a dedicated and experienced team of Commercial and Industrial Door and Frame Repair Technicians to effectively diagnose and complete repairs to your Metal Doors, Steel Doors, and Wood Doors to help meet your objectives of safely and cost-effectively improving the operation and aesthetic appearance of your commercial and industrial doors, frames and hardware in Scarborough.  At Door Wizards in Toronto, with over 3 decades of commercial and industrial door repair experience, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all.  Door Wizards can provide the level of expertise that will allow you to save time, money while reclaiming your existing components.We can effectively reclaim, or minimize replacement of components, and improve the overall function and appearance of a wide-range of commercial and industrial door issues:

Rusted Frames

Twisted door

Twisted frames

Frame set out of square/misaligned

Miter not closed on frame

Improper strike

Lockset off location on door

Strike off location in frame

Frame loose on drywall

Improper clearance/door sag

Hinge bind

Rusted Frames Repair
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